Clean Deal Buying: What is our REAL Low Price?

Clean Deal Buying Experience at First Team Auto Mall

For over 30 years, First Team has prided ourselves on providing the same Fast, Fair, Easy and up-front low prices on our websites, in all of our advertising, and on the vehicle’s windshield hangtag at the dealership.

Now, because of new manufacturer’s pricing rules, we may only post “Minimum Allowable Advertised Prices” on our websites. These are prices set by the manufacturer, not by us. Since these prices are NOT our actual REAL Low Price, the low price that’s available to everyone, we have made the decision to only post MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) on our websites with an invitation to click or call to get our REAL Low Price.

What is our REAL LOW PRICE?

It’s our iMVP – internet market value price, calculated by referencing over 20,000 websites per hour to bring you a fair, low price based on the Roanoke Valley market, not by us. Our Real Low Price includes freight (Plus freight on Nissan and 2019 VW vehicles), our First Team Discount, and all manufacture incentives that are available to everyone, meaning it does not include offers like College Grad or Military discounts that require specific conditions to apply. This is the same price you will find on every vehicle’s price hangtag on our lots, and it’s the 100% transparent pricing that you’ve come to know and love from First Team.

To get your REAL Low Price:

Just Click the “Get My ePrice” button or call us at 540-362-4800 to get our REAL Low Price. It’s that easy! This is the best way First Team can continue to honor our 30-year commitment to providing fast, fair, and easy low prices to everyone.